Aurelia ready for the roadtrip

The road home

After more than two weeks on the road it was finally time to turn the car around for home. But as they say: it’s about the journey not the destination. Here’s what we saw on the way.

Chatsworth Island
Chatsworth Island has become a bit of a ghost town since it was bypassed by the highway. Perhaps that’s why the locals have come up with some quirky ideas to enliven the town, including the community thong tree and gnome houses.
Community Thong Tree, Chatsworth Island
Ever wondered where all those missing thongs go? At Chatsworth Island it is not so much about buying a souvenir as leaving one behind.
Boatshed Cafe, Iluka
The Boatshed Cafe is tucked away behind a boat shop, but offers some of the best views over the water in Iluka.
Small boat at Iluka, New South Wales
Small boat at Iluka, New South Wales
Our Daily Bread Cafe
Our last stop, We love the chance to step inside this wonderful cafe every time we head back home. The Our Daily Bread Cafe is a great place to debrief from the trip over a coffee.
Aurelia ready for the roadtrip
Aurelia thinks it’s time to start planning our next roadtrip.






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