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Suzuki S-Cross: Our First Drive and Viewer Challenge No. 1

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Just three days into our 4BC Suzuki S-Cross two-week blogging adventure and we have our first viewer challenge!  Already we have put this car through its paces – starting directly after picking up our S-Cross from Suzuki Queensland’s head office in Brisbane thanks to 4BC 1116 News Talk.

S-Cross pickup

After a quick switch of Aurelia’s baby seat, which was a cinch, we hit the open road bound for our favourite place: the mountains. The weather worked its magic on cue. Before we knew it we were driving through perfect mountain road tripping weather. The clouds converged above to bestow a heavy afternoon shower. And like a debutante at a coming out ball, the S-Cross was keen to shine. She gripped the slippery road around the bends like a pro. She gave it to the punishing climb up the range to Maleny that leaves even some late model cars struggling. She soared over divots in the road with kindness to her new passengers thanks to her high-riding body. She responded deftly to heavy acceleration. And her automatic wipers read the conditions as though climatology were her first language.

Most impressive of all though, it won over the baby. As all road tripping new parents know, this is as essential to a good journey as a double-shot latte is to a worker on a Monday morning. Aurelia spontaneously broke into a fit of giggles as we climbed up the range. Maybe it was the view as we climbed the spine of the deep green range. Maybe it was her first experience of the delicious scent of new car. Or maybe she was feeding off my delirium at being centre stage of this Eureopean-designed creation.  Whatever the reason, there was a sense of freedom in that moment that spread like an infection through the cabin. And even the baby wasn’t immune.

Suzuki S-Cross Backyard Drive.Still001

After our drive in the clouds, it was time to face our first challenge. Inspired by our journey up the steepest street in the world, we set out to find out whether the S-Cross could survive Brisbane’s steepest incline. We found our experience of the world’s steepest street across the ditch in Dunedin, New Zealand more white-knuckled-are-we-going-to-live-oh-my-God-will-the-brakes-hold-bloody-hell-whose-idea-was-this fear than Sunday drive. Could be something about doing it in a campervan! After some quick Googling we were stoked to find the city’s engineers had already carefully crunched the numbers for Fairfax Media to declare Gower Street, Toowong the city’s steepest street. Even we were surprised to find Gower St menacingly steep. A joggers nemesis. A skateboarders day of reckoning. A removal truck no-go zone. But nothing the S-Cross couldn’t handle with ease, as we proved. We got to check out the cool automatic brake feature, which any learner driver living in fear of the dreaded hill start would give their eye teeth for in a heartbeat. We did a reverse hill start with honours. Best of all though, we got to meet Amy Ward and Alex Gillespie – two joggers we rescued from Horror Hill as any good Samaritans would.

And this brings us to our first viewer challenge set by the super-fit Amy and Alex. They have thrown down the challenge to drive all the way to Hunter Belle Cheese in NSW. That’s an epic journey for a piece of cheese. Can we do it? Will the baby crack it? Find out by checking back on the 4BC Suzuki Blogger 9 Facebook page to find out. And please be sure to ‘Like’ our page so you don’t miss anything. (note to self: Google cheese puns).

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