Sixth stop – Dorrigo

Watching the grass grow might be boring, but watching cows graze in a field is non-stop excitement. That’s how we passed the time while stopped for the night at Dorrigo Mountain Resort on the Dorrigo Plateau.

Dorrigo Mountain ResortOur campsite backed directly onto the perimeter of the park, which borders dairy farmland. It also came with a free wake-up call of loud mooing outside of our tent in the middle of the night.

Aurelia seemed to really like chilling out on the green grass as well.Dorrigo

Food Angel Cafe, DorrigoIn the morning we found this pearl of a cafe in the tiny little Dorrigo township. Food Angel Cafe is a book lovers delight. Hundreds of second hand books line the shelves. Some were only a few dollars. Others were first editions with a three-figure price. The cafe also serves superb coffee and has toys at the back for the kids.

Dorrigo SkywalkDorrigo Skywalk is definitely worth the short stroll. The view was worth the gold coin donation to the visitor centre.

After heading to the nearby Crystal Shower Falls walk through Dorrigo National Park, we were to find that the best view is Crystal Shower Fallsnot so much looking at the waterfall, but looking out from underneath. The path winds around behind the curtain of water falling from far above. From here, you can stand and feel in the cool air of a large cave looking out through the water at a suspension bridge. It gives quite a different perspective on things.