Seventh stop – Thora

ThoraWe never underestimate the value of knowing the best free camp spots to pull up for a night on the road and Rose Park at Thora, just outside of Bellingen, is no exception.

Plenty of flat ground to pitch a tent, shady trees, a toilet and in this case a free river to cool off in. By the time we set had set up camp on this hot humid day we were dripping in sweat. So it was with an enormous amount of relief that we were just a short stroll away from the cold, clear water of the Bellinger River. Pity nobody told us about the noisy locals – in this case the black cockatoos that decided to come by and pepper our car and tent with partially devoured pine cones from above. Falling from such a height, they became mini-missiles. We had to put Aurelia underneath a tarp for protection. DSCN6230Clearly all the excitement had her completely worn out by late afternoon.