Second Stop – Mann River Nature Reserve

After enjoying the company of my parents, it was time to road-trip onto the Mann River Nature Reserve. We borrowed a large tent from the parents and it made for conversation along the way.

Yip, we like the driving, hiking, exploring and staying the night in a cabin at the nearest holiday park. The thought of working which way up and what goes with what at the end of an adventurous day comes with apprehension,  but turns out, setting this big sucker up is a cinch.

In fact, my parents were certain it took at least two to erect the tent. Well, with a bit of bending (me that is), holding my tongue the right way, keeping my big toe on my right foot firmly on the ground and angling the bendable tent pole through the loops – I got the tent up all by myself.

Mann River at the campgroundsAnd the view, this place rocks!!! We were treated to running water through the campgrounds, cut wood of the good quality – you know, the stuff that burns hot and long (check out the time-lapse video) – and great food, even though that was a result of us bringing it and Kelmeny cooking it.

We sat in out comfy camp chairs till late watching the fire, thenChilling out by the campfire at Mann River Nature Reserve retired to the tent, where we watched movies in the laptop.

So, tell the world in the comment section below: Have you checked out the Mann River Nature Reserve and did you like it?

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