Coffee not by clowns

Good to see a bit of a cheeky marketing livening up the rivalry in the battle for our coffee dollars. Real coffee is no longer a delicacy confined to our cities and metropolitan areas – small country towns are now doing battle to lure those in need of a dose of caffeine and they are not afraid of taking on the big boys (in this case McDonalds).

Coffee Not by Clowns at Glen InnesWe were amused to find this banner taking a pot shot at “McCoffee” just a block from McDonalds in the centre of Glen Innes.

The Coffee Incident seem to take their coffee very seriously! Out of work clowns need not apply for barista work here.

The owners did, however, indulge in a bit of fun on their Facebookpage back in January when some clown turned the sign upside down. The Facebook post reads: “CSI: Glen Innes. The Upside Down Sign Incident.” A man in large red shoes, eating a hamburger and muttering “would you like fries with that?” was spotted leaving the crime scene….”

The Coffee Incident Facebook page
Sadly, it was apparent from the large queue lining up for coffee at the Glen Innes McDonalds that at least some people don’t mind coffee by clowns.

It reminded us of the tongue-in-cheek marketing tit-for-tat north of Gympie, where a coffee shop took aim at outlet Sexy Coffee with an advertisement reading: “Our coffee may not be sexy but it’s hot.”

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