Fourth Stop – Jackadgery NSW

On the fourth day of our road-trip adventure we headed for Jackadgery, a pretty camping spot in the NSW hinterland.

But not before getting a coffee made by CLOWNS (follow the link to see what we’re talking about). With fresh ice in the esky and all coffeed up, it was the open road for us.

The road to Jackadgery started by heading up the hill – leaving behind the Australian Standing Stones – and through some harsh countryside before coming to a crest that marked the change from dry grass paddocks to a lush, green NSW hinterland bush-land.

We made a number of stops along the way to take in the beauty of the area and snuck a couple of walks in.

The first stop we thought was going to be for a Police highway patrol, Boundary Falls, NSWbut the car accelerated passed with its thrashing engine to pursue a 4WD in front of us. So, the first stop was Boundary Falls.

This place was initially unassuming, until climbing down a number of stairs where a sensational waterfall and swimming hole were revealed.

Raspberry Lookout, NSWSome happy snaps, back up the steep stairs and onto Raspberry Lookout. Yip, the name suggests it all, a view it has!

We took turns at checking the view out while leaving the car running for the air conditioning so bubby could continue to sleep in comfort.

Andrew dipping Aurelia's toes in the water at Coomadjha CBack on the road for what seemed a few hundred metres and we were presented with Coombadjha Creek. Kelmeny suggested this was one of the prettiest walks we had ever done, I’m not that full on about it.

But the place is definitely worth being a stop everytime one road-trips in that area.

Aurelia in the Mann River at JackadgeryAfter Coombadjha Creek, the next stop was the Mann River Caravan Park for the night. Jackadgery has the Mann River running through the middle of it, and while the locals said it is the lowest they have seen it for a long time, Kelmeny and bubby had an enjoyable swim.

After having been the one to sole-handedly erect the tent last time, it was time to see how Kelmeny would go with it. I ended up helping, and it turned out others around the camp site were about to jump in to help – thinking I was bludging… Well, the cold Saxbys ginger beer and sitting back at the time was enjoyable.

That evening was exciting, because we were treated to a lightning and thunder show, but very little rain. I spent a lot of the time during all this reading a book that had captivated my attention, Three Crooked Kings while Kelmeny and Aurelia stepped outside the tent to listen to the caravan park host, Lee, play his guitar and sing some of his original folk songs inspired by the area.

We enjoyed soup with buttered bread, then into bed to watch movies on the laptop.

The Mann River at JackadgeryHave you been to Jackadgery? Tell the world in the comment section below what you thought of it.